Greater Louisville Automobile Dealers Association

Dollar Sign Econ Wording
Multi-Billion Dollar Industry
GLADA Dealers Represent:
  • 2.4% of ALL Retail Establishments in KY
  • 21.2% of KY Total Retail Sales
  • Estimated Total Sales of $2.3 Billion

Employment Opportunities
GLADA Dealers Account for nearly:
  • 5,100 full-time employees
  • $201,000,000 in annual payroll

GLADA Dealers generate millions of dollars of Tax Revenue for the Commonwealth and Louisville Metro Government through estimated:

  • Sales Tax Revenue
  • $48,150,000 collected in Sales and Usage tax from New and Used Vehicle Sales

  • Payroll Tax Revenue
  • $27,250,000 paid in Payroll Taxes
  • Average Kentuckiana Dealer Investment
  • Per Store

Land, etc $2.5 M$125 M
Inventory$4.9 M$245 M
Working Capital$3.9 M$195 M
Total$11.3 M$565 M

The average Dealer contributes $25,600 to Charitable organizations.

More than $1,280,000 are donated to charities by Kentuckiana dealers.

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